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Premier Running Training Package


Premier training package designed exclusively for athletes seeking the level of excellence achieved by the legendary sprinter Ben Johnson. This comprehensive program combines power, endurance, calisthenics, warm-up routines, speed training, and base training, ensuring you have everything you need to maximize your potential and dominate your sport.



Power Training

Unleash explosive strength and develop superior power with our meticulously crafted power training regimen. Designed to enhance your overall athleticism, this section incorporates dynamic exercises, plyometrics, and resistance training techniques to help you generate maximum force, increase muscle power, and improve your explosive movements.


Endurance Training

Build the stamina and resilience required for peak performance. Our endurance training program focuses on improving your cardiovascular capacity and muscular endurance. Through a combination of interval training, long-distance runs, and sport-specific drills, you will enhance your ability to maintain high-intensity efforts for extended periods, ensuring you stay ahead of the competition.



Master your body control, flexibility, and functional strength with our comprehensive calisthenics routines. These bodyweight exercises target multiple muscle groups simultaneously, improving your overall athleticism and stability. From push-ups and pull-ups to planks and squats, our calisthenics program will enhance your muscular strength, endurance, and coordination.


Warm-Up Routines

Prepare your body for optimal performance with our dynamic warm-up routines. A proper warm-up is essential to prevent injuries, increase blood flow, and activate your muscles. Our experts have designed a series of exercises and stretches that specifically target the muscle groups involved in your sport, ensuring you’re primed for success.


Speed Training

Unleash your inner speed demon with our specialized speed training drills. This section is designed to enhance your acceleration, top speed, and agility. From sprint intervals and ladder drills to shuttle runs and agility ladder exercises, you’ll develop lightning-fast reflexes, quick footwork, and explosive bursts of speed that will leave your competitors in awe.


Base Training

Establish a solid foundation of strength and fitness with our base training program. This section focuses on building overall athleticism, targeting muscle imbalances, and improving core stability. By working on your foundational strength, you’ll enhance your ability to perform complex movements with efficiency and reduce the risk of injuries.


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