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Ben Johnson admitted to doping 30 years ago at the Dubin Inquiry and as such lost his standing as World’s Fastest Man and his medals from the 1988 Olympics. What many people don’t know, is that in addition to these sanctions, the IAAF and IOC banned Ben for life from coaching and/or training athletes – one of the only methods by which he has for earning a living. These restrictions have not ever been imposed on any other athlete in the history of the Olympics.

It has been 30 years, there is not even any Criminal Conviction under the Criminal Code of Canada by which you are punished for 30 years – in light of recent events – the reinstatement of 1,000 Russian athletes after admitting to a state-wide doping program; and other athletes such as Justin Gatlin who has tested positive 3 times, not banned for life and not restricted to earn a living, but reinstated each and every time and able to return to competition – it is time to release Ben Johnson and allow him to train Canadian athletes, earn an honest living and to impart his vast knowledge and expertise to the next generation.

“Turns out no Canadian Olympic team official saw Johnson’s lab report in Seoul. Or the slew of handwritten scrawls that altered information throughout the official document.”

Read the Toronto Star’s Investigative Report

In this regard, Ben Johnson would ask that if you agree with the statements above that you sign his petition below.

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