• Sept 1987

  • Aug 1988

  • Aug 1988

  • Sept 1990

  • Sept 1993

  • March 2000

  • 1988 Seoul Olympics

    100m 9.79

    The race of my life. I reached the highest level of track anyone could dream of. Coming from Jamaica, with no money in my pocket, to rising to the top of the world in 9.79 seconds.

  • 1987 Rome World Championships

    100m 9.83

    Charlie caught me napping before this big race.  I yawned and told him, “It’s hot out there.  It will only take a few minutes to warm up....

  • 1987 World Indoor Championships, Indianapolis

    60m 6.41

    Moving so fast I flipped over a waist high wall, landed on a concrete floor, but bounced back up. Set a new world record.

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