Hello Friends & Fans,

Thank-you for visiting my website and your interest in my background and my career.

I was born in Falmouth, Jamaica and lived there until the age of 14 when I moved to Canada. As a young boy I loved running through the streets of our small town, and I regularly challenged kids in my neighbourhood to street races – which I now believe is what developed my competitive nature.
I still love Jamaica and go back often for vacation, but Canada is my home.

I trained under Charlie Francis’ tutelage for 11 years, I trained hard, made millions, lost millions, lost my gold medal and my accreditation as the World’s Fastest Man, I was condemned by the media, persecuted by the IOC and COA, but survived – and am still Ben Johnson. I have never changed who I am, no matter what my circumstance, no matter how bad it got. Some would call it tenacity, I believe it is my strong faith and determination, the same qualities that got me to the top!

People often approach me, no matter where I am, or what I am doing, and that is okay with me – I am happy to chat with them. They usually want to tell me that they remember exactly where they were when they watched my race in 1988; and to tell me that they believe it was the greatest 100 metre race in history. Many people are also eager to tell me that they know about Carl Lewis’ positive drug test before the 1988 Games and his reinstatement just weeks before the Games. Unfortunately as we witnessed recently with the reinstatement of Russia, sports and especially the Olympics are about politics and money. I think everyone knew what was really going on in 1988 and because of this, they still consider me the winner of that race.

Life after Track & Field has been busy, training a variety of athletes, travelling, building my business and doing any media appearances that come my way. I have worked with some very interesting people over the years, Diego Maradona, Al-Saadi Gaddafi and more recently P.K. Subban, just to name a few. In addition to them, I have trained and helped many, many kids get scholarships for their achievements in Track & Field, coached and trained hockey players to make the teams they want and have been involved in numerous soccer training camps. Whatever ones’ chosen arena of sport, strength, endurance and speed all play a part!

Do I still pump iron? Sure, even at my age I can still squat 400 pounds…and I can still sprint, but it takes me a lot longer now to recover. In my leisure time I love to just relax, listen to Motown music and watch movies – Westerns are my favorite. Now it’s all about living a healthy life and building a successful business for my family. My Mother always told me to Leave everything in God’s hands and it will be okay. Even though she passed away several years ago, I feel like she is still with me and I head her advice. My Father also gave me sound advice, Remember emergencies only happen once. I always remember these words of wisdom and apply them to my life.

I’ve travelled the World throughout my career, either for competition or business, as a result I have friends and fans from all over the World and I cherish all of them. Thank-you for your support.



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