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9.79* Documentary

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Be captivated as all eight finalists from the famous 100m race tell their version of the truth.

Never before seen footage and facts bring you into the corruption of business and politics in sport.

Lives were forever changed by this race, and we are left to question what really happened.

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Ben on the Big Screen

In Theatres Winter 2013/14, Europe

The win at all costs culture of the ski community and society as a whole is explored in this dramatic story about the Finnish ski team and blood doping.

Running with Big Ben

Television Interview – Circa 1985

Enter Ben’s world in the ‘80’s — at home, at the track, and opening up about life as a rising star.

Anti-Doping Campaign

2013 World Tour

Ben Johnson
Pure Sport

Ben just completed a six country tour to help young athletes stay on the right track, away from drugs in sport.

Reconnecting with fans in Toronto, New York, London, Australia, and Japan and culminating on the same track in Seoul, the media blitz reached millions.

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