1988 Jesse Owens International Trophy Award
Indoor Athlete of the Year - Track and Field News
1987 World Champion Award
Member of the Order of Canada
Member of the Order of Ontario
Male Athlete of the Year - Associated Press
Top International Sport Story of the Year - Associated Press
Male Athlete of the Year - United Press International
World's Top Athlete of the Year - TASS (Soviet News Agency)
Top International Sports Personality of the Year - l'Agence France Press
Best Athlete of 1987 - Zurich Sport Journel Poll
1986/87 Lionel Conacher Award - Male Athlete of the Year - Canadian Press
Performance of the Year - Track and Field News
Lou Marsh Trophy - Canada's Outstanding Athlete of the Year - Toronto Star
Outstanding Male Athlete of the Year - Federal Government Tribute to Champions
1985/86/87 Norton H. Crowe Memorial Award - Male Athlete of the Year - Sport Federation
Ontario Amateur of the Year
Seagram Five Star Award
1985/86 Jack W. Davies Trophy - Outstanding Athlete of the Year - CTFA
Pho Edwards Memorial Trophy - Outstanding Track Athlete - CFTA
1986 Sports Excellence Award
1985 Olympic Champion Award
1984 Bronze Medal - Los Angeles Olympic Games


  • GOLD

Olympic Games

Bronze 1984 Los Angeles 100m 10.22
Bronze 1984 Los Angeles 4x100m relay
GOLD* 1988 Seoul 100m 9.79

World Championships

GOLD* 1987 Rome 100m 9.83

World Indoor Championships

GOLD 1985 Paris 100m 6.62

GoodWill Games

GOLD 1986 Moscow 100m 9.95

Common wealth Games

GOLD 1986 Edinburgh 100m 10.07
GOLD 1986 Edinburgh 4x100m relay
SILVER 1982 Brisbane 100m 20.75
SILVER 1982 Brisbane 4x100m relay
BRONZE 1986 Edinburgh 200m

world cup

GOLD 1985 Canberra 100m 10.00

* Recinded

Catch me if you can...

9.79 100m Record

It took 11 years for someone to catch Ben!  Maurice Greene finally matched the record in 1999.

The Black Bullet

Ben’s explosive start is more like a horizontal leap…driving out with both feet, and using power from his glutes and tremendous back strength. His reaction was so violent it would often rip the blocks right out of the track.

Ben Johnson's Amazing Start

Ben started this way naturally, back in the summer of 1977. His coach decided not to monkey with it despite unsolicited advice from other coaches. “Ben starts funny” they would tell him “Why don’t you fix it?”

To this day, no one has been able to copy this style, and match Ben’s speed and power. It’s untranslatable.

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