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Ben Johnson continues his own personal vigorous training program in Toronto and maintains an excellent physique to this day.

Ben draws on his wealth of knowledge and expertise to provide coaching, training and consulting services for professional athletes, individual athletes and sports teams - in order to assist them in their pursuit of athletic excellence and to excel in their chosen field/arena of sport.

Ben, through his determination and strong work ethic has been instrumental in assisting young athletes with whom he has worked, to achieve scholarships at various U.S. universities and/or be recruited by professional sports teams around the world.

Ben Johnson frequently devotes his time to volunteer and charity work and derives great pleasure and satisfaction from his work with children.

Training Contracts of Note


Ben Johnson was retained as a coach by P.K. Subban, Montreal Canadians (now traded to the Nashville Predators) Hockey Team for a period of 3 off-seasons - to work with him to increase his speed, agility and endurance. Brandon Yong recently recruited as a Striker (Series A) for the Pescara Football (Soccer) Club, Italy.

Ben has been working as Brandon’s personal coach and trainer since Brandon was 9 years old. Gavin Smellie former Canadian Olympic Track & Field Team, Ben trained Gavin from the age of 13.

Anthony Stewart of the Los Angeles Kings, NHL - fitness coach for overall conditioning. Ben Johnson was retained by Saadi Gaddafi as his athletic coach and trainer. As a result of the personalized training program Ben developed for Saadi he qualified for the Libyan National Team and was later signed to the Maltese Soccer Team and played in the European Champions League.

Ben Johnson was retained by Diego Maradona as his athletic coach and trainer. Ben was instrumental in assisting Diego with his comeback and to regain his strength, endurance and speed in order to once again dominate the field.


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