It’s Ben. I was born on December 31 in Jamaica, in a small town called Falmouth. I’m 52 now. Life is too short to let things slip by.

I trained hard for 11 years, made millions, lost millions, lost my gold medal — but I’m still Ben. That hasn’t changed who I am.

I love Jamaica, but Canada is my home. That’s where my family is. I have a daughter and a granddaughter. Never been married. Never been divorced.

People often come up to me and ask, “What really happened in Seoul” or “Are you okay?”. I’m okay, but in Seoul I tested positive for enough steroids to kill a horse. The Olympics is big business. The people in power arranged for someone to tamper with what I was drinking. They didn’t want me to win. I’m writing a new book that will explain everything. It’s coming out next year.

I’m busy training athletes, building my business line called 9.79, writing books and doing any media appearances that come my way. I like helping kids get scholarships from doing track or seeing my hockey players make the teams they want — that pumps me up now.

Do I still pump iron? Sure, I can still squat 400 pounds. And I can still sprint. But long runs make my body seize up.

I love to just relax, listen to Motown music, watch movies. After the Olympics, when the media was camping on my doorstep, I would sneak out and buy movies . I have over seven hundred. Westerns are my favorite.

Now it’s all about living a healthy life and not stopping until I build a successful business for my family. Fear motivates me. My mother always said,”Leave everything into God’s hands and it will be okay.” Even though she passed away, I feel like she is still with me sometimes. My father also gave me advice like “emergencies only happen once.” I always remember these words of wisdom, share them with my friends and apply them to my life.

I’ve travelled the world with track, competing every winter in Europe and Asia, so I’ve got friends and fans from all over the world.

I don’t mind when you come up to me whether it’s in a coffee shop or a mall — thanks for believing in me.



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